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  • Why are some perfumes so expensive?
    It’s a good question. One of the most expensive perfumes recently on sale is Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty—it’s an impressive £170,000 a bottle. That’s a very special crystal bottle of course. And a perfume designed by one of the world’s finest perfumiers, using some expensive ingredients. But still. You can buy a lot of Cally King for that!
  • I get a headache an hour or so after wearing my favourite fragrance? Why is that?
    Your body is sensitive to something in that fragrance. There are strict rules which say that perfume manufacturers can’t put ingredients into perfume which are known to cause reactions in some people. But new allergens, as they are called, are discovered all the time. So you should take a break from that fragrance for a while and try something new.
  • I love my friend’s scent but it smells quite different on me—why?
    One scent will never smell the same on you as it does on your friend. You are both unique, beautiful beings, and the scent will work its magic in different ways on you both. Sadly, sometimes this means you fall out of love with a fragrance for yourself, but at least there is no shortage of gorgeous new scents out there to try. And with Cally King, you can blend our different scents to find one that really works for you. And then try another blend. And another!
  • Why are some perfume sales assistants so snooty?
    Perhaps because they have to stand on their feet all day and serve annoying customers! A lot of them are lovely, but they are there to sell perfume, not chat to teenagers who may not make a serious purchase. Give them a smile!