Fragrance Facts

Fragrance Facts

Perfume’s been loved practically for ever.
It has been around for a lot longer than you and me—we hear of it being used in ancient Egypt!


Spritz yourself happy! Wearing a perfume you like makes you feel good.

Practice makes perfect. The more you practise trying out different smells, the better you will get at identifying what you like.

Make it last. If you put unscented moisturiser on before applying scent, the scent will last longer.

It’s a brain thing. Your nose does the smelling but your brain works out how you feel about that smell.

Your sense of smell can feel overloaded after trying three or four scents. If your nose and brain are confused by too many smells, clear your head by getting some fresh air or sniffing some coffee beans.

Women smell better! Men and women smell things differently—and there’s a biological reason for that—women apparently have more cells in the part of the brain that deals with analysing smells.

Perfume can go off. To minimise that, keep it cool and out of direct sunlight.