It’s a jungle out there…

It’s a jungle out there!

You know how you like some smells more than others? Chocolate, roses, the sea? And you probably like some perfumes more than others—maybe you like one a relative, or a teacher wears. And there are probably smells which send you screaming from the room—bad body odours come to mind.

Cally King was born when I realised that I, as an adult, find it hard to choose a perfume I really like. Read more about that here. And sometimes I get confused about what I don’t like. If I like a friend’s scent and try some, it usually smells quite different on me. And, call me greedy, I’d like to have a range of scents I can confidently choose from – just having one signature scent all your life is a thing of the past.


How to choose your scent?

The options seem to be to spend your life going into the individual fragrance shops which are scattered around in only the very smartest of shopping areas—but I don’t have the time, and I want to have a big range to choose from—or to go into the fragrance hall of a department store or the perfume counters of duty free shops at airports where there’s a tempting range of gleaming bottles.

So that’s what I do. I walk in to a big store, confident I’ll find an exciting new scent. I’ve learnt not to ask an assistant for help as they are usually trying to push a particular perfume. And I’ve learnt not to spray the testers on my body as I quickly lose track of what’s what. So I get those sample cards if I can (the shop’s often run out) and I spray a few of them, waft them around and try to find one I like. But all the other scents swirling around the shop, and the fragrance worn by other people, (and the noise and the heat (and the fact that I don’t really like shopping) mean that within minutes I am utterly bewildered by what I’m smelling. Did I like that one, or that one more? Didn’t that one smell different a few minutes ago, or was it that one? Aaargh. Typically, I give up and go home, and keep ordering the same old scent I’ve always used.

And that’s a shame. Because finding a fragrance that you love, and that loves you, is as satisfying as finding the ideal dress or having the best haircut. It’s another way of making you feel good (which I think should be your main aim), and making others feel good about you (which is a great added benefit). A great scent (which means one you think is great, not which a celebrity says is great) caresses you, it makes you feel beautiful, sophisticated and ready for anything.

Cally King came about to make this discovery process easy and fun. We have lined up four perfumes, which each come from one of the most popular range of scents out there, so that you can try them at home, alone or with friends, using the cards and testing notepad we provide. You may like one scent alone, or you may like to blend them – we have full instructions in our pack.

Hallelujah! You will find which fragrance makes you happiest. Cally King: a girl’s best scent.

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  1. Danielle June 25, 2017 Reply

    So glad we can buy this online now!

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